The Foodscapades: Rib Kage, Hope Zoo

The Foodscapades: Rib Kage, Hope Zoo

Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, Rib Kage is situated in the heart of the Hope Zoo, St. Andrew. A pleasant surprise to me. You see, I’ve been to the zoo twice in the last two years and I didn’t notice the addition of a restaurant. Perhaps the oversight was due to my excitement in admiring the animals and not much else. That aside, Rib Kage is a gem. …


Storytime: I didn't wear deodorant for 2 weeks!..and I didn't stink.

Now  I know I know the title is a bit . Girl! It’s true though. I went without deodorant for more than a week and I didn’t smell. Obviously you’re wondering why I wouldn’t wear deodorant and the simple answer is I was forced not to. It turned out that the anti-perspirant I was using had expired. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until my skin was irritated. Yes, I had a …