5 Things I Love About Being Jamaican: Day 1

In honor of Jamaica’s 56th celebration of independence I’ve decided to share one thing I love about my country each day for the next 5 days, enjoy! Day 1: The Beaches There’s nothing better than sandy toes on a hot summer’s day with a chilled coconut in hand. Living on an island sure has its perks, beaches are all around and only a car ride away. If you don’t mind …

1 Fun Exercise To Get You A Fit And Toned Body
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1 Fun Exercise To Get You A Fit And Toned Body

So you’re working, eating, sleeping, breathing, hobbying, watching your favourite series, talking to your friends and family essentially 500 million things a day but for some reason exercise hasn’t quite made it into your daily or even weekly routine. Don’t worry I’m not here to judge you, I’m only here to help. While in the picture to the left I can be seen in a gym smiling like my whole body …