It’s already day 5 and trying to complete Blogmas this year has been off to a very rough start. Balancing my day job and the blog is proving harder than I anticipated but I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

After all overcoming challenges is what this blog is all about. So how will I keep blogging for the next 20 days? I have a lot I’m working on for this blog that I can hardly wait for you all to see but it’s not quite ready. On top of working on that I have committed to writing a post a day in honour of Blogmas. How will I get it all day?

Since I’ve transitioned to self-hosting with Hostinger I’ve had to rebuild my website and learn to use all the services Hostinger offers with my package. A completely new experience for me. It’s exciting. So far I’ve learnt a lot and I function well using the new interface. It took a few less hours of watching Netflix or YouTube to get myself And my website back up to speed and it was well worth it.

For Blogmas I’ll just have to do the same. Push myself. Make the time. Then write. Then pray you guys find it useful and uplifting. The holiday season can be a hard time for many people but remember this too shall pass. You’ll survive it.

How have your 5 days of December been? Are you ready for Christmas?