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Turmeric & Lime Mask Review

My face after weeks of mask use. Don’t mind the cycle related pimple trying to flop me.

As promised I’ve tested the face mask for about a month and I’m back with my verdict.
To fairly evaluate the effectiveness of the product I checked for the following:
Fading dark marks. 3/5
It may seem odd that my skin was brightened and my scars weren’t faded much. It’s odd to me too or it might just be my mind. Either I’ll keep using the mask and I’ll let you know if I see an undeniable difference. So far we’re not there yet.
Brightening skin. 5/5
As for the skin brightening it gets a perfect score. You can see immediate results and it gets better with each use.
Improving skin texture. 2/5
While using it in a circular motion as recommended it acts as an exfoliant and smooths the skin but the smoothness doesn’t last unfortunately. I’ve had my skin be softer for much longer using my usual combination of products.
Have a great week!

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