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Dressing Your Best For Less

Whether it’s food or events or clothes I love to shop a bargain and after my most recent vacation I had to share with you how I found closet worthy items on a budget. Casual or work attire, dresses, jeans (that actually fit) and shoes shopping can be a struggle sometimes.
Hopefully with this post I can help take some of the guess work out of finding quality closet pieces for an affordable price.
The first store I’d mention is not really a store at all and it’s local. For those of you who are interested in thrift shopping, the best thrift shop I’ve found in Jamaica is Back on the Rack. Located at 28 Collins Green Avenue, Kingston 5 this pop up thrift shop has been gaining attention in the past few months. I first discovered it in my second year of university, where they quickly became my main source of uncommon clothing. I haven’t been visiting the store like I once did but if you want to check it out it pops up on the last Saturday of every month. I’ll be there this Saturday to see what gems I can find.
If you’re not that into thrifting and you’re in your 20s and looking for fun, staple pieces to add to your wardrobe, you can try Forever21. While it may not be for everyone with the website often stocked with trendy outfits I’ve found that if you know exactly what you’re after you’ll find it. Sometimes even on sale. Just type in the name of the item you’d like to see and voila it may appear! There are plenty other online stores to chose from but Forever21 is where I’ve had experience shopping and it has my recommendation. I’ll be sure to let you know if I shop anywhere else.
Now I’ve never been a fan of brands and I’m still not too fussed at owning any item because of a popular logo but recently I did purchase two items with logos the world is familiar with. A pair of Nike slides and a Reebok trainers have found their way into my closet and into my heart. Not only are they incredibly comfortable but admittedly stylish. I grudgingly write this paragraph but I have to admit they were worth the money and of course they were on sale! Long live the sale! The true test of what the brand offers would be to see how long they last and I’ll keep you posted. Let’s see them turn me into a believer. Meanwhile the rest of my shoe collection can be found at Payless Jamaica.
For the first time ever I visited A Ross store and while it was a massive store compared to those in Jamaica I wasn’t completely pleased with the options presented to me or the way it was presented. Racks upon racks of clothing, I was thoroughly confused until I found the dress section and I managed to flick my way through to some great finds. At the end of my shopping experience I pegged Ross as the go-to store for dresses for almost any occasion. That part of my wardrobe is in definite need of restoration since I’ve outgrown all the work and church appropriate dresses I own.
There’s one more local boutique I shop at when there’s no time to shop online and a good sale is on, Boutique Intuition. It’s a one stop shop for beauty, clothing and even home goods and the prices are set for purchasing but when there’s a sale it sweetens the pot for me. They’re located at 92 Chislom Ave (corner of Waltham Park Rd. and Chislom Ave @ Cabin Wholesale). Kingston, Jamaica but they deliver islandwide.
I hope this post helps you find good value for your money and answers the question of where I get my clothes and kickstarts your enthusiasm for the holiday shopping season. We’re only about a month away.
Happy shopping and have a great week!

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