How To Handle Being In A Slump

Slump: (as defined by me for the purpose of this blog post) is a difficult period in an individual’s life where all seems to be going wrong and happiness is a far off.
Last week I had a chat with a co-worker over lunch and he shared how stressed and anxious he felt because his ambitions weren’t manifesting themselves as quickly as he hoped. As he spoke I couldn’t help but see myself in him. Anxious, ambitious and sometimes even depressed for the very same reasons. I, like him felt stuck. I felt like all I was doing was taking a mighty, long time to add up to something greater when in reality it had only been a few weeks or a month. Every problem seemed grandiose and though my needs were always met and I had a lot to be grateful for I was still frustrated. Frustrated that I was not coursing through this semester of life fast enough, and scared that all I’ve been working on was in vain. I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough. I was in a slump, at work and in life. But that’s when I took my emotions into check and realized the pattern of self-doubt and pity was not helping me achieve my goals. After much reflection and introspection I resolved to be more like my former self; a woman who God has blessed with abounding peace and joy, which I had previously taken for granted.
One day I decided I had enough. I wish I could tell you my exact tipping point but I’m afraid there was none. I was just tired of feeling helpless in my own life and I remembered who I was, restarted my blog and set my goals for the year. Bought a journal to stay on track and I was determined to make it all happen. 3 months after I bought my journal I had my first breakthrough and milestone. My blog was growing steadily and my posts were far more consistent and I was well on my way to purchasing my first car. Two goals off my list. As I progressed on this path of self-actualization I took more time for self-care. I finally booked my dental appointment and I formulated a new workout routine, everything was looking up.
Today I don’t regret experiencing my slump, not one bit. Now that I’ve surpassed it I can look back and examine the lessons I learned from it and how to handle it positively if it were to ever come back around. Here are my 3 tips for dealing with a life slump:
Recognize it’s purpose
It’s easy to mentally turn a few hard months into a hard a life by thinking it’s so but what remains true is that nothing lasts forever. As dim and dark as it may seem this too shall pass. Just as the ocean/sea ebbs and flows so will you. Your mood, your career and prospects will change ever so often but remember it will not last . as hard and stagnant as this current phase feels it will pass. A slump is not meant to stop you it’s only meant to teach you the lessons you need to learn and it’s your job to succeed and level up.
Focus your energy on development
Once you recognize the purpose for your test and the lesson you’ll have to learn; focus on it. Develop your areas of weakness through consistent effort. Find programmes or projects that can help you fortify your skills or help other people. Track your progress to stay motivated.
Have a great week everyone!