Storytime: I didn't wear deodorant for 2 weeks!..and I didn't stink.

smelly arms
Now  I know I know the title is a bit shocked emoji. Girl! It’s true though. I went without deodorant for more than a week and I didn’t smell.
Obviously you’re wondering why I wouldn’t wear deodorant and the simple answer is I was forced not to. It turned out that the anti-perspirant I was using had expired. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until my skin was irritated. Yes, I had a rash and instead of discontinuing use completely I just opted to use the next one I had on hand. Bad idea. It only compounded the problem.
Despite the itchiness of both armpits the situation reminded me of how much I don’t actually need deodorant. I’m not the sweaty type, I hardly ever sweat in fact. Being reminded of this made me think about why  use anti-perspirant in the first place. I really don’t even need it. Here I was barely using my deodorant. I used so little that I think I had it for almost a year and when it expired I still had a decent amount left.
So as I made my way to work everyday in Jamaica’s tropical climate, get this….. I didn’t sweat and where there was no sweat there was no smell. One evening after work I met up with my boyfriend and when I told him I wasn’t wearing deodorant he proceeded to check me lol and guess what! I wasn’t even embarrassed to have him do that because I knew I didn’t smell.
I got so caught up in my hygiene routine that I forgot how my body behaved on its own. I say all this to remind us to give our pits a break. Give the chemicals a day off or two.
Stay fresh fam!
Love, Peace and Blessings
-Candi Nicole