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Foodscapades: Meet Street and Market Experience

Meet Street and Market Experience For this episode of foodscapades, all roads led to the Jamaica food and drink festival final event meet street and market. Meet street and market is an annual event held as a part of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival. It’s the last event in a week of events typically kicking off in late October. Unlike the other food events established within the week meet …

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Saving the budget Things to know

Saving Goals Every Millennial Should Have

Want to start saving but not sure what you should be saving for? A few weeks ago I shared how you can save from any income and I thought the next personal finance topic should naturally be some major saving goals everyone should have. So to help you stay on track his week I’ll be sharing with you the saving goals you should have to bolster your saving plan. When …

Saving the budget Things to know

My Summer 2019 Favourites

Summer 2019 is finally coming to a close and you know it couldn’t end without me sharing my summer 2019 favourites. It has certainly been a memorable summer for me in more ways than one. I had the opportunity to test out my first wig, new skincare products and new hair products! I even had my first outdoor photo shoot. As you can probably tell this summer had a lot …